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Giant swing

Jumpin Heights

Jumpin Heights Tapovan, Badrinath Road, Near Lakshman Jhula Police Station, Rishikesh.

Enjoy the thrill of India’s highest Giant Swing Height: 83 mtrs

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INR 3400 INR 3550


Enjoy the thrill of India’s highest Giant Swing in Rishikesh (Height: 83 mtrs)
An additional of Inr 100 to be paid at the location for entry ticket.
Optional: Pickup and drop from site office to bungee location Inr 300
Age Minimum - 12 yrs
Weight Minimum – 20 kg
Maximum – 130 kg

PROCESS : Jump is done from the same Bungy Platform. You are fitted with a seat & chest harness which is connected to the fixed wire ropes. On jump, after an initial free fall, the ropes will smoothly swing you like a pendulum.
Due to the different process of the Jump from the Bungy, the Giant Swing in India allows you to enjoy double the freefall of the Bungy, with considerably more speed, and almost as much fear.
After the Giant Swing, jumpers are lowered down to a drop zone in the river which has only 2 ft of water. Walk back up to the cafeteria and claim your Dare to Jump Certificate, while enjoying your video.

TANDEM SWING: Rishikesh Giant Swing offers you the utmost and spine-chilling experience to ride out and while jumping, clamor out your every fear to enjoy the soothening ambience of the lush green valleys, breezes touching your skin and the flowing sound of River Ganges.

What is the distance of Jump Zone from:
Haridwar (Bus stand /Railway station): 50 Km aprox (2.5 Hours)

Rishikesh Bus stand: 22 km aprox (1Hour 20 Mins)

Jolly grant ( Dehradun) Airport.: 38 Km ( 1 Hour 40 Minutes)

What is the Mode of transport to go to jump zone from Rishikesh or Tapovan? can we use our own Vehicle? is prior booking for Bungy Coach necessary?
You can avail our Bungy Coach facility from Tapovan (Our marketing Office) at an additional charge of Rs. 300. Alternatively, you can use your own vehicle. Our staff can guide you about the directions.

Note-: Auto does not go to Jump site because of hilly Route.

Prior booking for bungy coach is not necessary, you just need to inform our staff in our sales office, to ensure the availability. Be Present in our Sales Office 15 to 20 mins before the departure timings.

What are the timings?
9:30 Am to 5.30 PM.

Subject to changes regarding closing time during winter.
Please note: We remain shut during monsoons, from mid July to mid September.

How much time does one bungy take to complete ? How much time will it take to complete all 3 Activities?
1.5 Hours

All 3 activities take around 4 to 5 Hours.

Estimates include briefing period, ticketing and waiting period.

Is prior booking necessary?
It is advisable to book in advance online on www.jumpinheights.com to ensure slot. However, it is not imperative.

Will making a booking get priority at the jump zone?
We operate all activities on first come first serve Basis. The booking simply ensures a slot, and is not a priority pass.

Is there any locker facility available at jump Zone to keep our belonging and luggage?
We do not have locker facility at jump zone, however We have a specified spot at the reception with the staff where you can keep your Luggage and Belonging under CCTV surveillance. Your belongings will be absolutely safe.

Is there any food facility available at jump zone?
We have a fully operational cafeteria which opens into the stunning hilly landscape of Rishikesh. It offers Lavazza coffee, tea, cold drinks, and light snacks like sandwiches and burgers.

After the jump, how does one return back?
You need to trek back up for around 500 mtrs. which would take around 20 mins.

Can we eat something before Bungy jump?
Yes, you can eat before any of the activities, as long as you are comfortable.

Can we jump with specs or contact lenses?
Jump can not be conducted with specs, however, we attach your specs with you while jumping, so you can use them after the jump. Contact lenses are fine.

Are shoes compulsory?
Shoes are not compulsory for the Jump, but are advisable, as you need to trek back up after the jump.

What about photography/Videography ? can we use our own Go pro camera?
We do not allow any outsider cameras at our premises. We offer still photography as well as HD quality videos, available for purchase at the end of the jumps.

Is there any Parking Facility available at Jump Zone?
There is a large area available for parking.

Is there any accommodation facility at jumpin heights or any hotel near jump zone?
We do not offer any accommodation, however, there are a lot of options nearby.


We follow the Australian & New Zealand Standards Authority Guidelines for commercial operations in Bungy Jumping and these standards have now been incorporated to form the Indian Standards which did not exist before:

With regards the safety, there were obviously no official regulations in place, since Bungy had never been practiced on a formal scale before, and Jumpin Heights, based on the New Zealand safety standards, went on to formalize the regulations which are now taken to be the official safety standards for Bungy jumping in India.


Due to its extreme nature, this sport is not suitable for people with the following medical conditions

1. Back or Neck injuries

2. Recent Fracture

3. Any Dislocation

4. High Blood Pressure

5. Asthma

6. Neurological Disorders

7. Epilepsy

8. Heart Conditions

9. Pregnancy

10. Osteoporosis

In case of any of these conditions, you will be prohibited from Jumping and/or Flying. In case of any other relevant conditions, especially over the age of 40, you are obliged to inform the Crew, and will further be allowed to jump only at their discretion.

When ex Capt. Rahul Nigam decided to set up 'Jumpin Heights'- India’s first Extreme Adventure zone, Rishikesh, in 2006, it was for the purpose of bringing to India something its youth could be proud of. Safety and impeccable quality is not something we, as Indians, trust our systems with and that’s something that bothered him immensely. With the ambitious desire to change the face of extreme adventure, especially Bungee India, including the way organizational safety is perceived in India, he brought in what is arguably one of the most extreme sports worldwide and set up amidst the stunning landscape of Rishikesh, India’s first highest Bungee jumping platform (83 meters).

This was consciously done to emphasize the fact to the forgetting Indian youth, that natural beauty is something that Indians do not need to go far for, and this needs to be acknowledged, cherished, respected and taken care of. Jumpin Heights has cited the most astonishing bungee jumping platform, Rishikesh, just above the river Ganges to make your jump more happening and refreshing.

In the setting up of the place, he chose to learn from the best: A team from New Zealand, the place native to this sport, was flown in to design the Jump Zone based on the original model, which is worlds apart from the previously existing Indian concept of ‘Bungy’ India in the mall or from a crane– He was very clear that he wanted to clearly distinguish between entertainment and serious adventure, and a fun evening in the mall or a park is not why Bungy jumping is on so many peoples’ bucket list.

“Being an ex-Army officer myself, I asked my fellow Army officer, and friend, Col. Manoj Kumar to formally join in to maintain the discipline that goes with such extreme adventure sports in India. This is how we began the process of building our team, which now includes several other Army officers as well. Subsequently, the Indian staff was trained extensively by our New Zealand Jump Masters to maintain impeccable standards of safety at all times. We also ensure that we continuously have a team of highly experienced foreign Jump Masters operating the site throughout the year.”


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