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Gym and spa

Fitness Formula Gym and Spa

First Floor, Commercial Complex, Gaur Ganga 2, Sector 4, Vaishali, Ghaziabad, U.P

Days: All days.
Timings: Monday-Saturday(05:30 am-10:00 pm) Sunday(05:30 am-02:00 pm)

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In this package you get:
For age group: 18+
1. Seven days workout session in a week, 30 days in a month.
2. Days- All days.
Time- Monday- Saturday(05:30 am-10:00 pm) Sunday(05:30 am-02:00 pm)

This includes all group classes:

1 Spinning classes
2. Zumba
3. Aerobics class
4. Power yoga (0600-0700) Every morning
5. ABX (Abs workout)
6. Spinning classes.
7. Pilates.
8. Kick boxing.

The Only Gym with one of the World’s Best machines & equipment in the area. Spread over 5000 Sq. ft. of spacious Gym & SPA. Equipped with “Body Solid” – World’s Famous Gym Machines with Best Trainers.

Creativity planned and smoothly designed separate changing rooms, well equipped with lockers, steam-chilled & hot showers for men and women. Comfortable vanity counter facing a custom made royal Venetian mirror.
State of the art Equipment from Best Brands in contemporary colors and design amidst pampering lights and music with tastefully done interiors.
An expensive layout of treadmills, wave machines and other cardio equipment from Best Brands to motivate you to burn those extra calories.A Cardio vascular exercise helps to maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints can aid in controlling your weight developing team muscles and reducing body fat.
Dedicated spinning studio with surround system psychedelic lights and state-of-art equipment. Exercise bikes, especially stationary bikes have been a favorite for indoor exercises for many years.Spinning classes can be great way to get in a vigorous workout burning calories and keeping your muscles in shape
GROUP FITNESS training can be great option with u want to enjoy more personalized attention for this to be a satisfying alternative to the real thing. Enjoy unlimited group fitness classes of Yoga, Power Yoga Aerobics, Bollywood dance, ABT, Core Training AB Solution and more.
This zone has cozy seating adjoining to buffet counter heath drinks and food.The average person needs less than 2000 calorie a day, the problem is eating out can also fill u.
Separate screens in cardio section and live DJ performance.
Fitness formula offers a unique concept of training for the most optimum result at no extra price.Our personal trainers are highly professional. We are friendly; we will make sure that working out is fun while your body is fine tuned. We mix things up to a bit, push you when you need it and enjoy your successes with you.Our personal trainers will help to keep you on track
Professional housekeeping agency to maintain hygiene of 7 star standards. In house laundry facility enables the members to use fresh, fragrant towels, sterilized combs, toiletries, hand sanitizers of unmatched quality.
Aerobics exercise is a physical exercise of relatively low intensity that depends primarily on the aerobic energy. Aerobic literally means living in air. Generally light to moderate intensity activities that are sufficiently supported b y aerobic metabolism can be performing for extended.
Body combat kick boxing is fighting style which combines powerhouse moves and stances developed from a range of self defense disciplines including karate, kick boxing. It is an empowering athletic workout that will help you fighting fit in record time.Kick and punch your way to great results in this hi-octane adrenaline-pumping workout.

Fitness Formula Gym & Spa is the ultimate Gym that cares for you as well as a designed for you. This is because you deserve more attention that you’ve been giving yourself lately. Its well equipped Gym & Spa offers convenient & affordable wellness services under one roof.

We’re serious about creating outstanding experiences but just being here is a joy. Our treatments are relaxing and comfortable We offer an honest and customized approach to health and beauty which cuts through many of the illusions and myths that surrounds fitness and beauty today.
The Approach of Fitness formula is smart, versatile, honest, very effective & we have holistic well being of our customer’s at heart. Our experiences are authentic – they work. Some are inspired by local traditions, plants and herbs, Others are designed for specific results like stress relief, diminishing the appearance of the lines etc., some are just pure pampering. Whatever the result, we make sure all of our experience just wonderful. Fitness formula facilities include a state of the art gym, and spa with treatments rooms, steam and chilled showers. Our endeavor is to make a beautiful difference in your life

Know your instructor:

1.Mr. sumit rana
Ace certified trainer.
2. Mr. Manoj Thakur
Gold certified trainer.
3. Rmandeep Singh
*B.P.Ed (Bachelor of Physical Education)
* Ace certified
* Les mills trainer.


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